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Microbial Bioinformatics Podcast | Happykhan.com - Nabil-Fareed Alikhan

Microbial Bioinformatics Podcast

Microbial Bioinformatics is a rapidly changing field marrying computer science and microbiology. Join us as we share some tips and tricks we’ve learnt over the years. If you’re student just getting to grips to the field, or someone who just wants to keep tabs on the latest and greatest - this podcast is for you.

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89 What do we do with WDL?

Today on the @microbinfie podcast, we talk about WDL with @sevinsky and @DannyJPark. We learn what widdle means to Andrew and his kids. Joel…

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88 - Sepia directors cut

This is an extended directors cut of our chat with Dr Henk den Bakker about Sepia. Its a summer holiday bonus. Some URLs Get Sepia here…

87 Nextstrain, SARSCOV2 and dealing with a data deluge

87 Nextstrain, SARSCOV2 and dealing with a data deluge by Microbial Bioinformatics

86 What's next for nextstrain?

86 What's next for nextstrain? by Microbial Bioinformatics

85 Breaking the dogma with bioinformatics

We are joined again by Prof Mark Pallen who takes us through his early experiences in high-throughput microbial genomics. Mark was pleased…