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Drawing phylogenetic trees in R (ggtree)

Here are some notes on how to use R (specifically the ggtree package) to draw phylogenetic trees. In this first section, I will show…

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The scientist's eight surefire steps to self sabotage

I saw an interesting video recently talking about Self Sabotage. It was talking about creative work generally, but I see a lot of scientists…

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The dark secret about containers in Bioinformatics

If you talk to your friendly neighbourhood bioinformatician (Binfie) these days, you might hear them mention "containers", " docker ", and…

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Variations on map projections in R

In this example we will: Use some crazy projections Do some themeing for our maps Inspired by https://xkcd.com/977/ Requirements: R ggplot…

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Advanced map making tricks for R (projections, choropleths and showing specific regions)

In this example we will: Look at rnaturalearth Make a choropleth Play with projections a bit more. Requirements: R ggplot2 sf rnaturalearth…

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