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One Health as it pertains to antimicrobial resistance as it pertains to microbial genomics

After reading too many publications and proposals I do not understand the relationship between one health, and antimicrobial resistance and…

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Comparing Midjourney versions 3 and 4 for science themed images

Midjourney is a proprietary artificial intelligence program that creates images from textual descriptions. You interact with the Midjourney…

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A bioinformatician's guide to serovars and antigenic formulae in Salmonella

In the post I will describe the basics of Salmonella serovar nomenclature. This post will act as a primer for bioinformaticians starting…

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What is Mastodon?

(Skip ahead if you know how the internet works) When I was a teenager I used to moderate a phpBB web forum that my friend had set up. It…

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How to use rMLST and its application to Acinetobacter

In the previous post , I describe rMLST ( Jolley et al. 2012 ) as a ready and able alternative for species without existing MLST schemes…

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