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Drawing phylogenetic trees with Microreact

I make a lot of phylogenetic trees, and I have used a lot of different programs. In this post, I want to show you how to get the most out of…

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The process of transforming data

Continuing from last time, what is bioinformatics , we are discussing which topics we need to know to understand bioinformatics. As per our…

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Creating AI generated images at home with Stable Diffusion

Stability.ai has just publicly released an open source text to image AI that you can download and run on your local consumer GPU. From the…

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Abstraction in computer science

You might have heard that the language of computers is binary (zeros and ones). You may have then wondered why when you using any of your…

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What do we truly need to know to do Bioinformatics

I work in the field of microbial genomics; we are interested in the genome of microbes. I specialise in using computers to analyse genomes…

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